About Us

Best Striping is a locally owned & operated company. We have many years of experience in the parking lot and striping industry. Our primary offered services include parking lot striping, new parking lot lay-out, curb striping, and surface stenciling. All of our striping is done in-house. Top quality work can always be expected. As an owner operated company, we will always hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Please feel free to contact with any questions. We are out working in the Edmonton area daily, and would be happy to stop by your parking lot. Let us know if we can be of any assistance. We look forward to providing you top notch services.

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Best Striping is Alberta"s first choice for commercial parking lot striping and painting services. Our parking lot striping company has over ten years of combined striping experience. We are a fully insured and licensed striping in Alberta.
There is no parking lot too large or small for our striping company. We specialize in large commercial, residential parking lot painting and striping services. Whether you need your wheel stops painted or compliant handicap parking space painted and striped, Best Striping is based in the beautiful city of Edmonton and we can bring our services to where ever you are in Alberta. Best Striping is the right company to call! We offer free, no obligation, price quotes on our striping services. Call today!

Handicap Painting & Striping in Edmonton & Minnesota

Did you know that your business can be fined if your handicap spaces do not meet it requirements? That is why you need Best Striping! We are aware of all the parking lot striping requirements. We will professionally paint your handicap spaces to ensure you are following all requirements and avoid the fines!

Reasons to Stripe:

  • Great way to improve aesthetics of your property or business
  • Visible striping helps reduce confusion and potential accidents in parking lots
  • Regular striping assists customers in properly parking
  • Apartment communities can assist in easily identifying reserved, visitor, or assigned resident parking
  • Commercial buildings and properties can use custom stencils to identify business location and customer parking
  • Help pedestrians safely maneuver in crosswalks or striped walkways
  • Increase the efficiency and flow of traffic on roads and in parking lots
  • Temporarily added in construction zones to help direct traffic
Best Striping also offers parking lot layout services. We do not require existing striping on your lot. We specialize in lot layout of approved plans or simply re-striping an existing design on asphalt and or recently coated surfaces. We can also work with you to provide the best parking options for your business and building.

All lot layouts are carefully measured and marked with chalk prior to any painting. Uniformity and precision are guaranteed on all jobs regardless of size. Our design will maximize the amount of parking stalls, while allowing safe movement for pedestrians and drivers.

No job is too small! We are happy to service parking lot striping needs of any size. Unfortunately, a job minimum will always be charged. Our job minimum is determined by lot size and location distance.

Please contact us with any striping needs in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Q: How long will it take for you to complete the job?
Job completion time depends on the size and nature of the job. Typically 1-2 days can be expected for full completion. Some jobs may require being down in stages; ie apartment complexes, shopping centers, parking garages. Our goal is to minimize any inconvenience for your customers, and we make an effort to complete all jobs in the timeliest manner.

Q: How long will it take the paint to dry?
Manufacturer states paint dry time is around 30 minutes. It is recommended to allow 2 hours of dry time in heavy traffic areas.

Q: What kind of paint do you use?
The type of paint we use is dependent on individual job needs. We primarily use a premium quality waterborne acrylic alkyd traffic marking paint. We will work with our multiple paint suppliers to match which paint product will best meet your needs.

Q: What do you use to stripe the parking lots?
We only use top industry equipment. Currently all of our work is done with the Graco 3900 Lazer Line System. These machines are 3-wheeled manual push machines and deliver the most consistent and precise lines in the industry. They are airless machines and reduce the risk of overspray and paint damage.

Q: How long will the paint last?
Typically paint can stay visible for up to 3 years. Due to the harsh climate, sun damage, and large amounts of traffic in Edmonton, visibility is usually significantly decreased. Re-striping is recommended every 12-18 months to maintain maximum visibility.

Q: Do you paint anything other than parking lots?
We will do our best to provide any striping you need. We are able to stripe all parking lots, parking garages, warehouses, and dock lines. We also provide striping on most athletic fields, outdoor basketball courts, and outdoor tennis courts.

Q: Will you clean the whole parking lot?
We will primarily clean the areas being striped. Please feel free to ask if additional lot cleaning services are needed. We can provide lot sweeping and pressure washing services as well.